Thursday, October 25, 2012

My progress

I know it's a shocker!!!! I am posting something after 3 YEARS!!! I guess we have been having way to much fun ;) The truth, I forgot my password and eventually my blogger address. So I have figured it out now and hope to post more often.
I wanted to keep my family and friends, that are so far away, up to date on the progress of theses twins. I still can not believe WE ARE HAVING TWINS!!! It still hasn't sunk in all the way. It is starting to make it's impression on me mostly because of my quickly growing belly. And feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy that i usually feel  much later, so soon. I have made it to 20 weeks. And I could compare it to 6 almost 7 months along with my other pregnancy's. EEEEK!!!

8 weeks

12 weeks. They are about the size of two limes!

16 weeks

They are about the size of two apples!!

20 weeks. They are now as long as two bananas!!

I am pretty sure this is what I looked like at 7 months with my other pregnancies! I will find some pictures to compare. Overall I am feeling really good so far. I think that maybe it's a blessing that all is well right now because we are about to have one of the biggest adventures of our lives!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New dud's

Thanks to Grandma for keeping my kids dressed to the nine's!!

Merry Christmas 2009

Tickle Monster Gloves

I think this was her Favorite!!!

Making new traditions

We are going to do this again!! We had so much fun spreading Christmas cheer this Christmas Eve. Together with some friends, we went caroling to several families in our neighborhood. There is nothing better than hearing caroling on your door step.
She just couldn't stay awake.

This one is for you Mom!!! This had a long time to raise while we were caroling:)

Sled's are for Sissy's

The age old favorite...

I love when they discover the Tupperware cupboard. This is a truly happy boy now!

Going to see Santa

I thought it was in the bag this year. We were so excited to go and see Santa that we wrote him a special letter, got all dressed up and wore the special ring that he had given her last Christmas.
But when it was our turn to say hello...she froze. Not really froze though, she screamed!! It got her brother crying and the kids behind us in line crying!
After a few attempts and a little bribery we got the job done!!
The only thing now is that she wants the letter back...